Recipes of the Week

I can't choose just one!!

Personally, I love to cook and I love to grow food, so at this time of the year, I'm more excited about food than a kid in a candy store! I had a really hard time choosing just one recipe this week, because the fresh veggies are just pouring in from the garden! The following recipes are chok full of seasonal veggies and herbs... 

Spicy Swiss Chard and Kale Salad 

1 Bunch of Swiss Chard - remove stems and chop thinly - slice leaves thinly 

1 Bunch Kale - slice all thinly 

1 TBSP Coconut Oil

1 Bunch Green Onions - chopped thinly

1-3 cloves Garlic - minced 

1 Jalapeño (optional) sliced thinly 

1 TBSP Spicy Sesame Oil  (optional)

1 TBSP Dark Toasted Sesame Oil

Raw Seeds - Sunflower, Pumpkin, Seasame - To Taste 

Wash and chop all greens as directed above. Melt Coconut Oil in a large sauté pan - add onions, garlic and jalapeño. Cook for 5 minutes until golden. Add Chard stems, cook for 3-4 minutes. Add Chard and Kale leaves, and cover your pan to help them wilt - 5 minutes. 

Once wilted, add the other oils and seeds and cook, uncovered, for another 10 minutes. 

This will serve 4 as a side dish, or what I like better is to chill it and have it for lunch! 

Chopped Power Salad 

3 Cups Cauliflower florets, about 1 head 

3 Cups Broccoli florets, about 1 small head 

2 medium carrots - peeled and cut into hunks 

1 Clove Garlic - peeled 

2/3 cup fresh cilantro leaves 

1/3 cup fresh parsley leaves 

1/2  cup EVOO

1/3 cup  Golden (or regular) Raisins 

1/3 cup pumpkin seeds (toasted optional)

1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar, plush a splash for good measure 

1/2 EACH of Salt and Pepper

This all goes into a food processor! So easy! 

Pulse Cauliflower until finally chopped. Scrape into a large bowl. Pulse Broccolli until finely chopped, scrape into bowl. Ditto with Carrots. 

With food processor running, drop garlic down feed tube to chop. Scrape sides down as needed. Add Cilantro and Parsley and pulse until finely chopped. Scape this into bowl with other veggies and add oil, raisons, seeds, vinegar, salt & pepper to bowl. Stir. Let it hang out and meld for 10 minutes. 

This can be made a few days ahead and chilled. I have substituted the add-ons and toppings too - like the seeds and raisins - (dried cranberries or nuts are delicious in here - so is sprinkling on a bit of feta cheese!) 

Radish Salad with Goat Cheese 

4 Tsp White Wine Vinegar 


1 TSP Honey 

1/4 TSP Salt 

2 Cups Radishes - cut lengthwise into wedges

1 TBSP Fresh Oregano -chopped 

4 Cups Baby Spinach 

1/2 Cup Goat Cheese - crumbled 

1/2 TSP Pepper 

Combine vinegar, EVOO, honey and salt in a bowl and stir. Add radishes and oregano, toss. Place a cup of Spinach on each of 4 plates. Using a slotted spoon, top each plate with radish mixture. Sprinkle each serving 2 TBSP goat cheese and season to taste... Drizzle remaining dressing evenly over salads. 

***To crumble Goat Cheese easily, pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then flake with a fork.