Take A Field Trip To Bittersweet!


Things to do Here

Although we are a small farm, we have a number of groups taking field trips here this fall! While you are here, you can visit with our chickens, silly looking rooster, and learn some basics about raising them. Then, you will take a spin through our vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, and learn about organic farming, soil, composting, and growing food! After that, we'll probably be thirsty so you can sample some of our homemade herbal iced teas, and watch a demonstration on how to make your own. 


Plan your Field Trip

Other options include watching an herbal vinegar making demo, chicken wing clipping, examining and identifying the parts of a hen and her egg, and watching as our floppy-headed rooster has a 'spa session.' Depending on the length of your stay and the number of demo's you wish to include, prices range from $10-15 per child. Contact Kristy via email, call, text, or Facebook, to book your field trip!